Scotland vs Georgia Match Prediction (02-09-2019 )

Our Prediction:


Will win

There is still a home game v GeorgiaId think by then tho there is likely 1 spot up for grabs at very most 2. Dunno why G Horne doesnt get a shot.hes a better player than Price IMO. Skinner was a big blow for GT and our chancesI reckonespecially with J Gray struggling with a hammy. Depends who gets injured between now and then.

Bhatti isnt up to it. Shame we havent seen Bradbury. Greig has the look of someone intent on making the most of his final RWC. Strauss clearly doesnt. Have to assume Ritchie goes. Z.Fagerson goes but doesnt look great. Darcy edges Blair. Other than being very good Hutch covers the entire midfield. If its a straightforward 4 centres then Jones and P.Horne dont go. Generally agree. Horne must be 2nd choice 9 ahead of Ali.

Were not in the know about whos got what. Scotland have now got some good depth in the team with a few stand out players. Namely Russell and Watson leading the way. Injuries could have a big say in whos in the 31. Looks like most selection decisions have been made in fielding such a strong team. Will be a shame for those not selected.

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A week after being removed for an HIA at the end of missing most of the season with a brain injury. Given we have a number of decent players at lock Gray, Cummings, Gilchrist, Toolis, and a lack of a number 8 who will consistently make yards over the mainline, what sense does it make to play Thomson in the second row?

Certainly adds spice to the game, subsequent selection when Strauss likely comes on at 1/2 time or on the hour mark. If we are in need of a 20min replacement where brutal physicality is required then the best suited to the job is Josh Strauss, hes admitted himself he cant physically do the same things he used to be able to do, but hes still a big powerful ball carrier.

Gauzere, including what he focuses on and what he might be more likely to let slide. By now the Scotland coaches must have a massive dossier of information on M. With all that previous experience and analysis to fall back on, there should certainly be no excuse for getting on his bad side either this weekend or in a months time!

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I thought that he would be most likely captain due to him being the most nailed on starter but also get the feeling he doesnt perform as well when he has the captaincy burdon. Interesting that the three captaincy candidates are starting and it is McInally that comes out with the armband in this one. Hopefully Greig helps him out on field so he can think about his own game.

I dont think even his biggest fan can complain if he doesnt make the 31. He maybe does.but definitely not at the expense of either Taylor, Johnson, and Hutchinsonwho all look far better players. poor form for at least a year good as his running attack lines can be (tho I have to do a youtube search to remember them).his defense just isnt good enough against the big boys. Its between him or Harris for the 4th center spot.and I would not play him against Ireland.

Maybe only if Thomsons HIA recovery is deemed to great a risk. I would have also included Toolis and Cummings in that but I guess Skinners injury probably means theyre both safe. I assume Bradbury is still not 100% but am I correct in thinking the squad gets named before the final game so I assume hes out. I cant see him getting included without any game time considering the competition in the back row. Bhatti, Stewart, M Fagerson, Hutchinson, Strauss, Kinghorn, Jones. Im quite surprised that people think this is a strong team, not that I dont think its a good team but I feel its quite experimental and there are a lot of players in the 23 that Im quite surprised to see and might well consider this to be their final chance to demand inclusion.